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What is the difference between multiculturalism and interculturalism?

Is it right or wrong for groups to self-segregate?

How do stereotypes affect our perceptions of peers?

What can I do as a student to enact change in my community?

If these are the kinds of questions you think about and you are an underclassmen (freshman or sophomore) FBIC may be for you.

The responsibilities of fellows are:

  1. attend bi-weekly (every two weeks) workshops for the spring semester
  2. attend two retreats (one at the beginning, one at the middle) of the spring semester
  3. plan, develop, and execute a capstone project

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Ideal facilitators have had a) leadership experience b) facilitation experience or c) experience with intercultural dialogue/community building during their time at the University of Pennsylvania. We are asking that facilitators commit to weekly meetings starting in October. In addition there will be a facilitators retreat (one day) in November, a kick off retreat in January (one day), and a mid-semester service project (half day). Finally, facilitators must also attend weekly meetings in the spring semester.

The responsibilities of facilitators are:

  1. design bi-weekly (every two weeks) workshops for the spring semester
  2. facilitate bi-weekly workshops in the spring semester
  3. support participants in their final project

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