Hometown: Dallas, TX
School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major: Political Science
Campus Involvement: United Minorities Council, Undergraduate Assembly, Netter Center for Community Partnerships, and CWiC
Celebrity Look-Alike: I don't get it, but several people have told me I look like Mandy Moore.
3 Words to Describe Me: Passionate, Curious, Driven
Interesting Fact(s): In 5th grade, while reading Harry Potter, I found a $100 bill on my front lawn.
Favorite Quote: ‘Will the greatest words you say ever be a quote?’
Personal Claim to Fame: Having the ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere.
Favorite Part of Penn: Meeting incredible people (faculty + students) & exploring Philadelphia.
Where You Can Find Me on Campus: Riding my bike!
Why FBIC?: On a macro-level (community to community) and micro-level (person to person) I think intercultural dialogue is a necessary tool for a rapidly globalizing society as a means to interact peacefully and democratically.